Wig's Advantages


  • Affordable wig with best quality, 150% density, enough full hair for most customers!

  • Very clean, natural ,soft, comb easily.

  • Whatever ponytail , braid or bun, just make the hair style as you like at anytime, anywhere!

  • We carry 100% REAL human hair and ship out from our own factory where it is assembled and packaged. This is how we are able to provide a product with the strictest quality standards for an unbeatable value.

  • Longer service life, treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it. then normally it could longer than 1 year.

  • Best after-sale service team, you can return or get refund for any reason in 30 days, you have no risk to try!

  • Using the right care method can prevent tangles, extend the service life, and make the hair more shiny.

  • Wash the wig with proper temperature water.

  • Use good quality shampoo and conditioner.

  • Lock the nutrition and moisture of hair with hair care essential oil.

  • The temperature of the hair drier should not exceed 60 ℃ (it is recommended not to use the blower and put it in a ventilated place for natural drying).

Standard Wig Measurements, Please Measure Your Own Head Size

Above infor is our stock wig for reference. Please measure your head wize before ordering, the parts u need to measure:

1. Circumferance.

2. Front to nape.

3.Ear to ear across from forehead.

4. Ear to ear over top.

5. Template to template aroud back. 6. Nape of neck.

How to Wash and Condition the Wig?


  1. Comb to tangle free with wide-Toothed Comb.

  2. Add good shampoo, donnot rub the hair, Soak to clear up.

  3. Add hair conditioner, wait 15-20 minutes,soak in fresh water.

  4. When wash clean,Squeeze the water, absorb the water.

  5. Air dry the wig, donnot under the blazing Sun for long time.

Measure the Wig Length with Correct Method


  • For wavy hair wigs need to be totally stretched to straight then measure the length.

  • For straight hair wig should be measured by the length from head to the longest hair at the bottom.

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