Welcome to GDM one of the most progressive makeup artists in the Industry. Our syllabus implements this – taught by professionals in touch with the market and their influential attention to detail. Become a certified make up artist with our creative courses.

Every girl have a dream! TEG for Girls was created to help young women have access to opportunities that they need to succeed in life. We believe that we can help reduce the inequities that girls face by focusing on solutions that break down barriers. Once those obstacles are reduced, she can set forth a path of endless possibilities.

Our girls need support. Even though we have made tremendous strides in the empowerment of females in our society, there is still a lot of work to do. Girls still lag behind in career choices. Countless girls need to make better lifestyle decisions to endure long-term success . Young women are bombarded with unrealistic images in the media that negatively affect them and fight barriers to artistic expression that could create positive and uplifting content. Their sisters across the globe face horrific conditions including child marriage and lack of access to education, lack of opportunities in undeserved neighborhoods leads to an endless cycle of poverty and despair.


The TEG is one of the leading bootcamp/mentoring program in the industry and it is in touch with the market. We are a progressive school with the most up to date training.

Our syllabus implements this

– taught by professionals in touch with the market and their influential attention to detail.

Our fresh and creative teaching methods

– taught by industry professionals

– developed from the need for a technically specific and in class or online syllabus and is structured in a way to develop your style for your whole career.

Covering a whole range of skills a successful make-up artist needs to carry out safe and practical procedures, our goal is to give you the finest education possible from our comprehensive courses.

We learn together

We pack both learning and field work into one place. This is due to the fact that it is extremely hard to get paid and fulfilling industry work off of the strength of knowledge alone. Creating quality work and knowing what sets you a part from the rest can be very daunting just starting out. We understand how expensive it can be to go to makeup school that’s up to date on trends. We believe that everyone should be able to do what they love and receive quality and affordable education.

We not only help develop your talents, we also generate a lot of the paid work you will receive, in house. Our clients range from bridal to events, all the way to creative and professional photo shoots. We create a space that truly fosters a creative mind and helps to eliminate the “starving artist” mantra. We are a private studio which means smaller classrooms and more one on one support. We have colors and textures at every turn. So we don’t just want to teach you, we want to encourage you to just be an artist!