Glam Doll Makeup Bootcamp: Basic Makeup Training

Improve your makeup skills by learning the right tools and techniques to do your makeup like a pro. It's time. Be your own glam squad.

Learn from the most basic techniques, to the sought after tips and tricks from an industry professional. This course will take you ten steps closer to a fun career in mak...
Makeup BootCamp
4 hr
Seat Holder

Are you ready to:

    • Learn easy, practical makeup tips to refine your makeup skills?
      • Save time getting ready in the morning, or for a night out?

      • Save money by not purchasing makeup that you don't know how to use (and probably don't really need?)

      • Boost your confidence in how you present yourself to others?


will Learn

  • What specific makeup tools you need to improve your makeup application.

  • Brush techniques that will help you create flawless makeup looks.

  • Pro makeup artistry insider tips and tricks to boost your glam doll look.

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