In order to succeed you must believe in yourself and apply yourself, depending on no one else! Too often we take longer to reach our goals because we haven’t properly prepared ourselves for what it is we want to achieve! Procrastination is the killer of your dreams, add fear, lack of confidence, insufficient funds, lack of faith to the mix and your dreams can seem impossible! At the Makeup Glam Society class, we will locate each target for our students and help develop a plan that each student can follow to have a successful career in the beauty industry! Today, I encourage YOU to make this investment into your future!



In addition to our Certificate Courses and Advanced Courses, in order to build upon fundamental skills, a variety of Workshops are also available to both graduates of the Certificate Program, as well as to experienced, working makeup artists. The Workshops include several editorial, portfolio-building workshops, hosted by the School, and taught by professional makeup artists from Memphis/Southaven and elsewhere.

THE EXPERIENCE GLAM unites female entrepreneurs together all over the world. When you join  "THE EXPERIENCE GLAM" you will receive the tools and resources you need for success.

When you become apart of  TEG you will be able to network with other GLAM babes, receive exclusive information on events, boss talk with other femaleprenEUrs in your industry, travel abroad, gain business resources and education! Remember, investing in yourself is the first step of becoming a successful MUA, entrepreneur and business owner. 

We’re a private makeup TEAM preparing creative individuals to work as professional makeup artists in the beauty industry. It’s our goal to train the industry’s next top professionals.

Paint Me Beautiful
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Mar 08, 2020, 1:00 PM
Glam Doll Makeup Studio
What should you bring to Basic Makeup Training? - a notepad and pen - an open mind and positive attitude