We strive to be the world leading makeup educational platform that transcends physical boundaries to birth the most skillful professionals.


Our job is to show you how you can stand out as a professional makeup artist, using your own vision.

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A makeup artist’s average wage ranges from $20.72 to $44.32 per hour Free Makeup Starter Kit

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Our Team

Because we're so confident in our ability to provide you with the absolute best makeup LESSONS IN-PERSON AND online, we offer all of our students a MENTORSHIP. We truly want to help you realize your dreams, and that's why we made sure that all of our  makeup courses include absolutely everything you need to know for success.

TEG was created to provide young female entrepreneurs with an opportunity to grow their business while networking &  learn makeup.

Our class time is spent with the instructor providing lecture and a demonstration on the items being covered, followed by plenty of time for students to practice hands-on. The instructors are there during the practice time to answer any questions students may have, and they provide suggestions on improving technique. Providing a thorough and well taught curriculum is our main focus in the classroom.

THE EXPERIENCE GLAM is a GLAM  TEAM created to provide young female entrepreneurs with an opportunity to connect with other GLAM bosses and grow their brand!


We are here to help you reach your business goals and allow you to link up with other GLAM bosses through group trips across the globe, exclusive content and classes, essential business resources and more!


If you're ready to get a bag, and feelings GLAM then TEG is the right place for you! 

$50 Monthly


We provide tools and resources to learn anywhere, anytime, by offering our artists the highest quality education and mentorship.

Artists First: We put our artists and their needs first and foremost.

Best Care: We provide best support possible to each artist.

Mentorship: We provide life-long mentorship for both makeup artistry and life in general.

Lasting Relationships: We strive to build a close relationship with every artist, lasting past graduation.

Community: All for one, one for all.

Diversity: We value our artists’ uniqueness and diversity.

Affordability: We provide the highest quality education at an affordable cost.

Excellence: We show our artists the significance of high expectations to achieve excellence as a professional and as a human-being.

Relevancy: We constantly update our "TEG" with the most up-to-date information in makeup artistry.

 We are here for you! Even after graduating, we want you to keep in close contact with us so we know how you're doing. 

And we're always available to give you any career advice if you need it. Your success as our success.

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It's simple. We created an learning system that will help give you the absolute best educational experience you can find today when looking for a professional makeup artist. And we're super confident that you'll not only learn everything you thought you were going to learn when looking for the best makeup school, but much, much more.